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Living on Paint and Prayer 


Jennie The Art Teacher 


Jennie The Art Teacher

Jennie offers online classes and teaches onsite at various locations including Two Trees Farmhouse. 

Make sure to checkout the calendar for upcoming classes and follow her FB page: Living on Paint and Prayer for up to date information. 

Be sure to subscribe to her youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3jgkMlw_GHbFsmg19iGs0g

Meet Jennie

The Art Teacher





Living on Paint nad Prayer selects a minimum of 2 fundraisers to spearhead each year for local residents in need and donates art and outreach throughout the year. 

Jennie Roles-Walter, owner Livin' on Paint and Prayer by Jennie The Art Teacher ; she started her art business over 10 years ago. Roles-Walter's background as a professional artist and art educator enables her to teach in a very easy yet fundamental way making learning fun and transferable.

You may purchase Jennie's art at the various art shows she sets up at as well as onsite in her mobile boutique in Fayetteville; she tries to make her boutique available monthly. 

She has won multiple awards/ recognitions for her art regionally and nationally and  is known for her generous community service and art outreach. Jennie is also the art teacher at Lincoln County High School. Jennie is available for private children and adult paint parties as well as commissions. Please contact Jennie at (931) 703 4923 or jennieroleswalter@yahoo.com 

Livin' on Paint and Prayer

by Jennie The Art Teacher 

 Fayetteville, TN 37334